Interview and acoustic tunes: Mother’s Day on FirstLive!

On Mother’s Day, Portraiture architect Nathan Siler will appear at – and on – FirstLive coffee shop for an interview and will share with you two new songs…acoustically!

“Huh?” you ask.   “What is FirstLive – is it a coffee shop?  Or a show?  Or a company?”

The short answer is “yes.”

The long answer: “We serve a great cup of coffee, promote live music venues, and connect with the music community by inviting them to the coffeehouse (or MERV) for a live streamed interview and acoustic performance,” say owners/proprietors/engineers Danny Garcia and Daniel Morrow.

On Sunday at 3:00 PM, all you gotta do is tune into  and listen!

Better yet, come to the shop in Bushwick.  It’s at 219 Central Avenue

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