This boogie is for real: Tomorrow, Friday, March 13th, we will release our first-ever music video!!!

The song: “I am Wrong.”
The Director: ORYANS BELLT
The Stars: Steph Garcia, Nathan Siler, Shelby Steel, Justin Baker, Coy Jandreau, and Morgan Loy.
The likenesses of the masks, friends, and Co-contributors to the entire album of “Real as Ritual”: Jacob Becannen, Matthew Alvin Brown, Steven Stark, and Mark Vollertsen.

A SECRET MESSAGE IS CONTAINED IN THE VIDEO! FIGURE IT OUT AND WIN $250!!! That’s right. Once the video is released, enter the contest by finding the secret message and deciphering it! The video will be released on this here website and will contain the official rules for the contest.
REMEMBER – Portraiture plays a historic show on Saturday, March 28th for the Closing of legendary Brooklyn bar and music venue, The Trash Bar.

Portraiture Video Still

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