“I Am Wrong” Music Video



The video for “I Am Wrong” contains a secret message, in the form of an 8-word phrase. All 8 words are visible and the clues are spread throughout the video.  In order to win the contest, the message must be located, sequenced, interpreted, and/or translated.  In order to win the contest, the submission of the answer must include:
  • The entire 8-word secret message in its natural state (without interpretation, translation, or sequencing)
  • The interpretation, translation, or sequencing of the secret message
  • The location of all the clues (time markers, area of the screen, etc).
All submissions must be submitted by email to portraiturenyc at gmail dot com.   Individuals who submit correct answers (correct answers must meet all criteria as mentioned above) will be submitted into a drawing.  The winner will then be determined by placing the names of those who submitted correct answers into a hat and drawn at random.  All submissions will be placed on the portraiture mailing list (you’re welcome).  Members, family members, or current employees of Portraiture, The Fellowship Students, Oryans Bellt, or Shark Party Media are not eligible for the contest.  CONTEST DEADLINE APRIL 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM.

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